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Dentist for My Child

Children’s Checkups & Cleanings

Routine checkups with your child enable us to keep a close eye on their teeth and gums so we can take care of problems quickly as well as monitor your child’s oral development. The earlier we catch an issue, the easier it will be to correct. Cleanings serve a dual purpose as well, as they help protect your child from cavities and give our team a chance to explain the basics of good oral hygiene.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are an excellent way to keep a child’s teeth healthy while they are still learning to brush. We most often use them on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth because they are at the highest risk of developing cavities due to their location and wide, uneven surfaces. We simply apply a thin, clear layer of composite resin to the enamel, and it quickly hardens into an invisible barrier that completely blocks plaque, food particles, and acids.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is great for the teeth no matter someone’s age, but it’s especially useful for children because regular exposure can help with the formation of their adult teeth even before they come in. Children also benefit from an extra dose of cavity protection because they may not brush consistently and regularly enjoy sugary snacks/drinks. That’s why, at your child’s regular checkup, we’ll end the appointment with a topical fluoride treatment that only takes about a minute.